In the Field

Switchgear Testing & Maintenance – We’ll provide maintenance and testing of your switchgear equipment (no matter which manufacturer), thus reducing downtime, minimizing emergency repairs and improving the overall safety and reliability of your facility’s electrical system.

Protective Relay Testing & Calibration – Our state-of-the-art equipment paired with our expert engineers gives you the resources necessary to ensure accuracy in programming, testing and calibration of your protective relays, meters and associated instruments. We’ve got the tools and the knowledge to deliver unbeatable results.

Acceptance Testing of Newly Installed Equipment – We objectively assess individual equipment components to identify any damage or inadequacies in manufacturing, shipping or installation, and we verify proper functionality to ensure a safe and successful startup. We provide our findings in a comprehensive report that is thorough, accurate and complete with all pertinent test results for your records.

Commissioning Services – Prior to energizing any system, our experienced team can review the entire application, including manufacturers’ and consultants’ drawings, protective settings and overall design. We can then perform total system testing to ensure that the equipment is not only safe and suitable for operation, but that all affected systems are properly coordinated and protected prior to commencement of use.

Diagnostic Troubleshooting – Troubleshooting is in our DNA. Our experience and innovative solutions have allowed us to identify and solve even the most complicated issues in power systems throughout the northeast region.

Power Transformer Inspection, Testing, Repair & Maintenance – From small distribution-type pad mounts to industrial dry-types, to large generator step-ups, our thorough inspections, oil sampling and electrical testing will accurately determine the steps necessary to ensure your transformers perform reliably. Keeping up with maintenance and testing allows us to make preventive repairs in order to minimize unplanned downtime and electrical failure in the future. Plus, as a long standing Doble client, we not only have the test equipment necessary for advanced diagnostics, but we also have access to the world’s largest transformer test results database and Doble Engineering Company’s extensive team of transformer specialists for expert advice.

NERC Compliance Testing – Required to comply with NERC standards? Our expert team has successfully completed numerous projects prior to and during NERC audits.

Thermographic Surveys – Our personnel are trained to take advantage of our advanced infrared equipment. We accurately perform infrared surveys, which provide important information for your preventive maintenance program.

DoblePower Factor Testing – As a long standing client, we not only have the test equipment necessary for advanced diagnostics, but we also have access to the world’s largest equipment test results database and Doble Engineering Company’s extensive team of specialists for expert advice.

Vacuum Bottle Testing – Have vacuum breakers approaching 20 years, even 30 years old? Concerned about their condition? Until recently, “go/no-go” vacuum integrity tests using an AC Hipot was the only field test available. New technology has now made it possible to not only analyze the condition of vacuum breakers with more certainty, but also to predict their remaining useful life. Call Phasor first for more information.

Other Field Services include but are not limited to the following:

HV Oil Circuit Breaker (OCB) Inspection, Testing, Repair & Maintenance

HV SF6 Circuit Breaker Inspection, Testing, Repair & Maintenance

Medium Voltage Circuit Breaker & Starter Inspection, Testing, Repair & Maintenance

Primary & Secondary Injection Testing of Low Voltage Air Circuit Breakers

Battery Maintenance & Load Testing

Cable Testing

Earth Resistance Testing

Generator Testing

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